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This is a professional machine with a contemporary and urban style look offering an innovative solution using the Caffitaly exclusive capsule system technology.  Without taking up too much space this machine satisfies horeca and medium to large offices with a capacity per machine of up to 50-60 cups per day.

Using capsules and automatic proportioning of drinks you can make perfect coffee americanos, espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, teas and hot chocolates with a simple touch. Strictly made in Italy, built entirely in stainless steel, this machine has the following advantages and is your partner to attract clients and guests with quality beverages: 

  • Saving space on the work counter
  • Energy saving 
  • Maximum ease of use with Cuppaz/Caffitaly capsules
  • Cost savings by up to 80% reduced energy consumption
  • Always producing a perfect warm beverage
  • Stainless steel internal structure
  • Milk foamer module for hot milk based beverages paired with external milk cooler)


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We use a patented aroma enhancement technology. Caffitaly, our technology partner, has created a smart capsule with two innovative filters, designed specially to enhance the coffee aroma.

Just insert a capsule and press a button…it’s that simple! No need for beans. No more messy coffee grinds to empty. No more wasted coffee because the filter coffee grew cold and strong. You make your cup as you need it. No need for a kettle or separate milk frother. Automatic steaming of fresh milk with this machine or use Cuppaz milk capsules whatever you prefer.  Better quality because every cup is produced from a freshly punctured capsule of coffee, tea, milk, and hot chocolate and applying the optimal pressure and temperature for the desired beverage. 


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Technical Features of Machine:

  • · Display TFT dynamic 3,5"
  • · Height adjustable dispensing double coffee spouts
  • · Angularly adjustable and removable wand
  • · Integrated milk spout
  • · Stainless steel cup warmer
  • · Stainless steel cup ring
  • · 2.4 liter water tank
  • · Capsule loader with motorized brew
  • · Zero to MAX milk foam manual regulator
  • · Lateral and frontal panels in glossy plastic
  • · Stainless steel cup grid and anti-fingerprint stainless steel aesthetic frontal part
  • · Coffee group opens at 17-19 bars
  • · Possibility for mains water connection
  • · Empty capsules drawer with capacity for 20 capsules
  • · Weight 18 kg
  • · Dimensions 400mm height X 300mm width X 480mm depth
  • · Optional Milk Cooler

Milk Cooler Technical Data 

  • · Weight 13 kg
  • · Dimensions 364mm height X 228mm width X 310mm depth
  • · Milk container capacity 1 gallons
  • · Real milk temperature monitoring
  • · Easy milk refill
  • · Deep milk cleaning system (directly from machine menu)