Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Buying & Delivery of Cuppaz Products


Q: How can I buy new capsules or machines?

A: You can buy online at http://cuppaz.com/ and click on “Shop”, or go to the Global Wine Cellar store at 11 Queen Victoria St., Central.  Opening hours are: 11:00-8:00pm Monday to Saturday.

The first time you buy on-line you can use a promo code:  CUPPAZCLUB (use the promo code after registering and log-in) to get 10% off purchases.  If you spend more than HK$450 you will receive free shipping. We deliver to all of Hong Kong and Macau.

If you are a business, please call or WhatsApp Marcel Corbeau at 9095 8141. He’ll ensure a smooth process for re-ordering.  Alternatively, you can leave your name, phone no., or email for Marcel to contact you.

Q: What is the price of the capsules?

A: All our prices are on-line at: http://cuppaz.com/ and click on “Shop”. But in general the coffees are: HK$39 for a box of 10 except for the Smooth (Cuban coffee) which is HK$43 for a box of 10.  The teas are HK$50 for a box of 10, The Chocolate is HK$60 for a box of 10 and The Milk is HK$35 for a box of 10.

If you are a business, then you may have specially agreed prices.  Call or WhatsApp Marcel Corbeau at 9095 8141 if you have specially agreed prices and you have queries regarding these prices.

Q: Are overseas orders accepted?

A: In principle, we only supply to address in Hong Kong and Macau.

Q: What is the minimum order requirement for free shipping on the web shop?

A: Buy over HK $ 450 and you’ll receive free shipping. 

If you are a business you may already receive free shipping.  Call or whatsapp Marcel Corbeau at 9095 8141 to check.

Q: What is the delivery time?

A: If we receive your order and your payment is completed before 1:00 pm, you will receive the delivery on the next working day.  If we receive your order and valid payment after 1:00 pm, then you will receive the delivery 2 working days later. If you are a residential address, please allow 3 working days.


Questions about the Machines


Q: Where are the machines made?

A: The machines are made in China but the technology is Italian.

Q: What is the voltage of the machines?

A: Power supply and output for The Curve: 220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz, 950 W

Power supply and output for The Sleek: 220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz, 1250 W

Q: How heavy is the machine?  Can it be carried by hand?

A: The Curve weighs 4 kilos.

The Sleek weighs 6 kilos.

Both can be carried a short distance by hand.

Q: How many bars of pressure do the machines have?

A: 15-19 bars.


Questions about the Capsules or Beverages


Q: Do Nespresso capsules fit into Cuppaz/Caffitaly machines or vice versa?

A: No.  The technology of Nespresso is different from Cuppaz/Caffitaly’s.  Therefore, you cannot use Nespresso capsules in Cuppaz/Caffitaly machines and you cannot use Cuppaz/Caffitaly capsules in Nespresso machines.  Cuppaz does sell “Nespresso compatible capsules” which can be used in Nespresso machines.  There are 5 flavours (HK$35 for box of 10) and you can find out more on the Cuppaz website: www.cuppaz.com and click on “Shop”.

Q: What is the difference between Nespresso and Cuppaz?

A: Nespresso makes only coffee.  Cuppaz machines make chocolate and teas as well.  This is because the Caffitaly technology allows for a larger capsule and the machines can work with high and low pressure and also have an infusion system which the Nespresso machines do not do.  Cuppaz coffee and certain tea capsules also contain 2 filters inside to help with infusion and aroma release.  The quality and taste of Cuppaz capsules are award winning. Look at the website under “blogs” for more information: www.cuppaz.com.

Q: Do the capsules fit into the German Pool machine? 

A: No.  We don’t recommend using these machines with Cuppaz capsules.

Q: Does the roast and ground coffee inside the capsule have a deadline?

A: In general, the expiry date is 6-18 months from date of purchase.

Q: Can you use the capsule after the expiry date?

A: Many people use the capsules for a few weeks after the expiry date as the capsules are sealed and the oxygen has been removed from the capsule, but we do recommend that you order new and fresh capsules on time so that you are never without coffee!

Q: Can I prepare iced drinks?

A: Yes! You prepare the drink warm (coffee or tea) and then you just add ice, sugar or milk according to personal taste for a delicious iced coffee or iced tea. We recommend reducing the water quantity used to get a stronger coffee or tea because adding ice will dilute the drink.  To shorten a drink (use less water) without resetting the button, simply press the button after inserting the capsule (don’t hold button down), then when you think enough water has been used press the button again to stop the dispensing process.  You can do this anytime to shorten or lengthen a drink.


Questions about Damaged Product, Machine Repair or Warranty

Q: How long is the coffee machine warranty period?

A: One year free maintenance.  After one year, we will still repair but we’ll quote the price for the repair and the customer pays for the repair.

If you are a business, your machine may be free on loan.  In this case, contact Marcel Corbeau at 9095 8141 for a machine replacement/repair.

Q: Do I need to do registration for the warranty?

A: No.  Just keep your original invoice and present this to Cuppaz.

Q: How do I get my machine repaired?

Please bring the machine to our offices together with the original invoice.  Our office address is:  8/F Rykadan Capital Tower, 135 Hoi Bun Rd., Kwun Tong, Kowloon.  You’ll leave your contact details (name, telephone, and email) with the machine. We’ll assess the machine and the repair cost.  We’ll let you know when the machine is repaired.

If you are a business you may have a machine free on loan.  In this case, you should call or WhatsApp Marcel Corbeau at 9095 8141 in case you have a machine issue. 

Q: What if I receive damaged goods?

A: Please send us an email at info@cuppaz.com with a picture of the damaged goods or send a picture by WhatsApp to Marcel Corbeau at 9095 8141.  Please note that if the capsule box is dented or slightly damaged, the capsule itself may still be perfectly good for use.  In the case of damaged capsules we will replenish them.  In the cases of damaged machine, we will call you to determine best course of action.


Questions about Machine Trouble-shooting


Q: I have a new machine; how do I get started?

A: Please read your user manual carefully.  Most questions in the manual address the issues. If you have misplaced your manual, please be sure to check our website home page: www.cuppaz.com at the bottom for “How to Use Guides” and “Quick Guides”.  These guides may answer all your questions regarding the machine.  If you still have questions regarding the machine you can call or WhatsApp Marcel Corbeau at 9095 8141 with your question. Alternatively, you can leave your name, phone no., or email for Marcel to contact you.

Some quick checks we would ask you to do is the following:

  1. Make sure the machine is plugged in properly to the electrical outlet.
  2. Make sure there is distilled water in the water tank of the machine.
  3. When using fresh milk with the Sleek machine, make sure there is fresh milk in the fresh milk dispenser.
  4. When switching from coffee to tea, make sure you run the machine once without capsule to rinse the machine.  This ensures there is no leftover coffee in the machine when preparing a tea.

Q: May I use tap water in the water tank? What sort of water may I use?

A: Please use cold, distilled water.  Mineral water will leave minerals in your machine over time.  Although a couple of times won’t hurt the machine, long time use of mineral water is not recommended.  Same logic applies for tap water which might also negatively affect the taste of your beverage.  Do not use hot water.

Q: Do I need to rinse the machine every time I use it?  What do I need to rinse the machine?

A: To rinse the machine you only need to raise the lever and ensure the used capsule has dropped.  Close lever and then press any of the buttons to run water through the machine until clear water comes out and press the button again– this will rinse it.  In the same way rinse before making a tea to avoid that a few drops of coffee might drop into your tea. If you are only making coffees or chocolate then it’s not necessary to rinse the machine before each drink.  We recommend to also rinse the machine when you have finished using the machine for the day.

Q: Why is the RED/ORANGE light on for my new machine just purchased?

A: When a machine is new make sure there is water in the water tank before turning it on.  When you turn it on there are 2 steps:

Step 1: The RED/ORANGE light and the button lights go on.  This is the “priming” phase when the machine has to get water into the water circuit.  Press any one of the 3 buttons to trigger the “priming” phase. When it has finished doing this the RED/ORANGE light will go out.

Step 2: The button lights continue to flash, indicating that the machine is warming up.  When the machine is warmed up the button lights will stop flashing and the machine is ready for use.

Q. Very little water is being used to prepare my beverage or too much water is being used to prepare my beverage.

A: You may have accidently re-set the quantities behind the button you are using.  This happens when someone presses the button too long or holds the button down while a beverage is dispensing.  Holding the button down accidentally re-sets the quantity of water being used. Follow the procedure in your manual for re-setting the quantity for that button or read the FAQ about this.

Q: No water is coming out of the coffee machine – what should I do?

A: If you press a button on the coffee machine but no water comes out of the dispenser, it is likely that one of 2 things is happening:

1. The water tank does not contain water.  Please add water to the water tank and press any one of the 3 buttons to get water into the water circuit ;


2. The machine hasn’t been used for a long time or the machine is new and the machine has to “prime” and warm up.  In this case, make sure there is water in the water tank and press one of the 3 buttons and wait for the machine to “prime”. Priming is when the machine has to bring water into the  water circuit. If there is still no water coming out and the lights are all blinking, press one of the 3 buttons again until water comes out. If you’ve tried pushing one of the 3 buttons several times and the machine still doesn’t “prime” (nor warm-up), then bring the machine in for repair together with original invoice.

Q: How do I reset the quantity for a cup of coffee in the machine?

A: You can reset the quantity of each of the small, medium and big buttons as needed. When new, the quantities are pre-set at 50ml (small button for espresso), 100ml (medium button for milk and chocolate), and 100ml (large button for teas and Mild Americano coffee).

Method to re-set quantity is as below:

  1. Place the coffee cup on the drip tray under the dispenser.
  2. Insert the capsule into the machine.
  3. Press the button you want to re-set continuously holding it down until the quantity you desire is in the cup.  When the desired quantity is in the cup you can release the button.
  4. The coffee machine has been re-programmed and all future times you use this button will result in this quantity.  For future uses do not hold the button down otherwise you will re-set it again.


Questions about Recycling


Q: Can the capsules be recycled?

A: Yes.  The capsules are 100% recyclable plastic which can be included in the plastic recycle bin.  We also will provide an opener which you can use the separate coffee waste from capsule.  Check our website for this handy tool. Coffee waste can be included with compost.