Who are we?


“As the founders of Cuppaz, we believe everyone has a story to tell or a message to share. Our message, or vision if you like, is to encourage people to connect over a warm beverage and tell their stories. We believe there is so much more to drinking coffee than just coffee itself. When stories are shared people get inspired. Change can happen. Good things can happen.”

We are of Dutch and Chinese origin. In The Netherlands there is a very strong coffee culture that brings people together. It basically means spending quality time with people you appreciate. You can read our personal story on the Inspirations page.

" Our vision is not just about warm beverages. It is about connecting people and sharing stories. Cuppaz wants to inspire you, ONE CUP AT A TIME. "


How do we do it?


By being accessible

You can order your machine and capsules on-line or just use your smartphone and scan our QR code. If you represent an office, you can also give us a call. We will personally deliver your machines and capsules.

By engaging and connecting with our consumers 

We want your feedback. We want to tell our stories and listen to yours. We want to share all sorts of stories. Stories we can all learn from, that inspire us and trigger us to make exciting choices. Or stories that might help us to briefly escape. Sometimes we need a story to lift us up and bring a smile to our face.

By being authentic & transparent

We want to be honest and transparent with our customers about our process and ingredients. We need their feedback to keep improving. We want the power of the crowd. Cuppaz wants to launch new products and machines WITH its customers so we can actually incorporate your feedback and give you a better experience. When we connect in an authentic and transparent way, good things will happen.

By being inclusive & affordable

Our products are reasonably/accessibly priced making our beverages available to all who want to be inspired. Gone are the days when you need a lot of money for a bean machine and a milk frother to enjoy a delicious cappuccino. Cuppaz doesn’t exclude anyone from a high quality cup of coffee, tea, or chocolate. And yes, you can make a cappuccino on a Cuppaz machine. We created a milk capsule just for that purpose.


What do we do?


“Our mission is to be your one-stop-shop for all your favorite warm drinks at home, or at the office.  We continually offer high quality beverages at an affordable price, no matter what time of day it is.”

Variety and Choice

It is always great to have a choice. To be able to choose the beverage you want based on how you’re feeling at that moment. Like a shot of espresso for energy in the morning, or a calming tea in the afternoon to collect your thoughts, or a comforting hot chocolate in the evening to spoil yourself at the end of a long day. Different people enjoy different drinks. One likes espresso and the other likes the flavor of filter coffee. Some like a lemon tea. Cuppaz allows you to choose between your favorite beverages, whenever you want. If you like your warm beverage with milk, Cuppaz offers an easy-to-use milk capsule as well.

High Quality & Technology

Did you know that oxidation starts to reduce the quality of your coffee immediately upon opening a bag of coffee beans, ground filter coffee or powder coffee? Cuppaz capsules prevent this process from occurring by sealing the high quality Brazilian coffee until the capsule is punctured in the machine at the time you decide to drink your coffee. Capsules contain 2 aroma enhancing filters. All this means that your coffee is of a superb quality for each and every cup. More quality means more satisfaction…paving the way for more inspiration!


Where are our products from?


Italian-designed Machines that are Convenient and Affordable

Our machines were created in Italy but don’t let the nice design fool you. Our partner, Caffitaly, believes in using the latest technology and being environmentally conscious. The machines are compact and fit into most small kitchen/pantry areas or offices. They are also easy and quick to operate – just insert a capsule and press a button. Using up to 15 bars of pressure, the extraction is optimal to maximize taste, aroma, and body. Gone are the messy coffee filters and pots. No more wasted coffee because your filter machine makes too much. Cuppaz makes one cup at a time… ready when you are because we realize our consumers lead hectic lives and need brief moments to escape from reality.


We use Rainforest Alliance® Certified Coffee from Brazil. Our partner, 3corações, is the number one Brazilian coffee producer with an eye towards sustainability. The seal of the Rainforest Alliance means that you are buying product that supports a healthier planet and an improved quality of life for farming communities. Being certified under this seal means that the farmers manage their land sustainably/responsibly. It also means that we help protect the environment and ensure sustainable livelihoods.

See where our product comes from at a glance here...



3corações is the leading supplier of the coffee inside Cuppaz capsules. We are proud and honored to be working with what is today a driven, passionate, and leading organization of professionals with the highest integrity and skills.

Read about the inspiring founding story of 3corações on our Inspiration page. Read more about 3corações at 


Caffitaly System

Caffitaly represents the fourth largest capsule producer in the world and is a company that wants to use technology but in an environmentally conscious way. We are proud to be working with a driven group of people who are passionate about coffee, technology, and environment.  

Read the inspiring founding story of Caffitaly on our Inspiration page. Read more about Caffitaly Systems at