Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is described in detail here and your feedback on our privacy policy is welcome.  Just let us know by writing to

When you are browsing/using our website at and all its sub-pages or one of Cuppaz Limited social media sites, or when you share information with us in any way whatsoever, you warrant that you agree to our Privacy Policy as it is described here.  We will always keep this version as our updated version and it will always supersede any other electronic or printed versions you may have kept.

What types of private information do we collect and how do we use it?


If you order from our website we need you to create an account by providing us with a name, email address, and password. We’ll also need you to provide us with a billing and delivery addresses. All private data that is collected is to ensure that we can deliver you your products, send you a legal invoice and contact you to let you know the status of your order.  We might also collect demographic information from you that will help us to improve what we do.

We’ll also let you know about special promotions and events if you decide you’d like that by opting in to our communications program.  Again, the purpose of this is to keep you posted on exciting Cuppaz promotions that may benefit you, to invite you to tastings or other events you might be interested in, and perhaps to invite you to vote on new products or give feedback on our products and processes.  We do respect that you may not want to know about these things and that is why you can also opt out of our communications.

We’ll collect technical information about your computer or mobile device as well so that we can make sure your browsing and online shopping experience is smooth and easy.  For example we might remember the half completed order on your device and remind you of it when you come on line again.  This makes the ordering process easier for you. Or we may save the login name you use for your computer or device.  This helps you to login quicker and easier.

As you navigate through our website we may collect information about what pages you visit and what links you click on. These statistics are collected using cookies and technologies such as Google Analytics.  This data is used by us to improve our communications.  Knowing what interests you helps us to put more interesting things on our website and to create more interesting promotions and events. In addition this data might be used by us to provide you with information about products and services that might interest you if you have decided to opt in for our communications program.

On Line Reviews, Feedback, Contact Forms, & Votes:

You can voluntarily review and give feedback on our products on line.  These reviews and feedback may be shared with others especially if it will help others to improve their knowledge and enjoyment of our products.  We may also use your feedback to improve our products, processes, and customer service (that’s in fact why we’ve asked for your feedback!).  To be sure we understand each other, any review and feedback information you give us becomes our proprietary information and so we do not have to pay or compensate you in order to use that information to improve our products, processes, and customer service.

From time to time we might even ask you to voluntarily vote on new product introductions.  For example, we might want to hear from our customers which capsule we should introduce next. Your vote & opinions might be shared with others as we take an open and transparent approach to voting and feedback. Together we can improve in an open and transparent way. Aggregated vote information becomes the proprietary information of Cuppaz Limited, but we have no legal obligation to implement the vote (although we will try out best to do so).

Email Communications:

If you email us with feedback on your machine or capsules we may keep, own and use this data to help us improve our products, processes, and customer service especially to you.  We may also share this data if it helps other customers to improve their knowledge and enjoyment of their machine or capsules. Our main objective is to learn from each other and ensure everyone enjoys Cuppaz products better!  All such information becomes the proprietary information of Cuppaz Limited.

Pop-up Shops and Trade Shows/Events/Corners:

From time to time we may visit you with a mobile pop-up shop or you may visit us via a popup shop or trade show.  Our team might collect feedback and information from you during these events.  This information might be your feedback upon tasting our products or your answer to a questionnaire.  This could also just be your photo that goes up on yours or our social media site.  It might also be a short interview in which you give us your opinion and feedback from which we might make into video. All information you might share with us in whatever form will be used to improve our products, processes and customer service and will become our proprietary information. We might also share this information with others to promote our products and reputation. 

Social Media Platforms:

You may from time to time visit one of our social media platforms and make a comment, upload a photo/video, share a story, or offer some feedback on our products.  Given the nature of social media, this information will automatically be shared with others. In addition information that is part of your public profile on a third party social media network (for example Facebook) is automatically shared if you have given the public access to your profile.


You might also share information with us on the telephone for example by calling our hotline or one of our employees.  Besides helping you to resolve any issues which might have come up, the information you share with us might be useful to help us improve our products, processes, and customer service. If this is the case or the information can be helpful to others, we will use your information to do so.  

Consumer-generated Content:

You might also create content and share it with us.  For example, we may invite you to voluntarily write an inspiring story and send us an accompanying photo.  You might do this on our website or one of our social media sites (or use some other medium).  We might collect and publish the content you share with us in connection with contests, promotions, events, or just because your content is worth sharing and inspires others! Cuppaz Limited will take proprietary ownership of this content you’ve shared with us and we will not be required to compensate you in anyway for using this content.

Specific Parties We’ll Disclose Your Information to:

We will share your information with certain companies as described below:

Payment Processing:

We use a third party to process your payments while shopping with us on-line.  Any information that is needed to process your payment will be shared with them to ensure your payment can be processed and your orders can be completed. 

Logistics and Delivery:

We use a third party to store, pick, pack, and deliver your order.  Any information that is needed by them to complete these tasks and deliver your order will be shared with them.

Website Operation and Server:

We use a third party to provide us with server hosting services and data storage as well as website operations.  That means that your data is stored on a third party’s server and they will have access to your data in order to help us operate our website.  Our host has servers in Singapore meaning that your data might leave Hong Kong.  You warrant that you are aware of this when you use our website, social media sites, and share information with us.

Credit Reference Agencies:

We may use a third party to assess a customer’s credit standing and as a result need to share private data with them.

PR or Marketing Agencies:

We use third party marketing and PR agencies to design and implement our communications strategies.  Information that is needed to successfully implement these strategies will be shared with them.

Partners & Suppliers:

We use third party coffee and machine suppliers/manufacturers and we’ll share information with them that is necessary for them to help us run our business efficiently and effectively.

Legal Authorities:

We may supply your personal information to government bodies and law enforcement agencies if we are required to by law or to comply with legal processes.

Storage and Transfer of Your Information

Secure operating environments:

We do our best to secure your data by storing it in secure operating environments.  We cannot however guarantee the 100% security of your data because the transmission of data on the internet cannot be 100% protected.

Your responsibility:

When you use our website or social media sites or communicate with us in any way whatsoever, you warrant that you will do your utmost to help keep your information secure.  For example, you will never reveal your password and when sharing computers you do not choose to have your password remembered on that computer.  You choose responsible privacy settings and controls on your browser and on website communities.

How long do we store your data:

You have the right to delete your personal information from our systems by editing or deleting your account.  However we might have to store your personal information even after you stop using Cuppaz services in order to comply with legal requirements.  For example customer records of companies have to be retained and made available for audit for a certain period to comply with local regulations.


Cuppaz does not spam emails.  We do not send you marketing emails without your consent.  Also we will not sell your email to marketing companies for spamming. You can consent by opting in to our communications.  

We WILL send you emails regarding any orders you make or to confirm deliveries.  If you believe you have received a marketing email that you did not consent to please contact us at immediately.

Sharing & Links to Outside Websites

Cuppaz links to other websites to offer you an opportunity to read interesting information related to Cuppaz.  However these third party websites are out of our control and are not covered by our Privacy Policy.

You may be given a chance to share something on our website with a friend or acquaintance.  For this feature to work we might have to collect your email address and the email address of your friend. We do not use the email address for any other purpose than fulfilling this feature.  Please be aware though that our information is proprietary to us.  That means we own that information and when sharing it you should always reference it to us.  This usually happens automatically by sharing our website url.  People come to our site to view the information you’re sharing and see that it is owned by us.