Warranty Policy

Warranty conditions:

Cuppaz/Caffitaly machines have been designed and produced using the best patented technologies available on the market. However, in case of defects or malfunctioning within one year from the date of purchase, Cuppaz Limited will repair the product or replace parts free of charge.  Outside of this period repairs will be charged an amount depending on the nature of the repair. Please contact us in writing using info@cuppaz.com for repairs.

In accordance with health regulations on food products there is no warranty on any Cuppaz beverage capsules.

Warranty Duration & Validity:

The machines are covered by warranty for 12 months from date of purchase in Hong Kong and Macau. Machines purchased outside of Hong Kong or Macau are not covered by this warranty. In order to benefit from the warranty you have to inform us about the defect by written notification within one month from the discovery of the defect. Repairs outside of the 12-month warranty period will be assessed and charged depending upon the nature of the repair required.

The warranty is valid only if accompanied by the original purchase invoice, certifying the date of purchase, model and product serial number. Warranties are not transferable between machines. Before contacting us please ensure that you have carefully read the instruction manual supplied with the machine. Not only can your machine problem be resolved by trouble shooting instructions, but also you may have not properly cleaned, descaled, or maintained your machine.  Follow maintenance instructions if possible before contacting us about potential defects.

Any in-warranty repair will be free of charge and will cover any labor and spare part expenses. Transport costs and risks are to be borne by the customer. Cuppaz Limited is not to be held responsible for any direct and/or indirect damages to people, animals and/or things, due to non-compliance with the safety regulations as indicated in the instruction manual. 

Non-applicability of the Warranty: 

The Warranty is not applicable if you have improperly used the machine and as a result have caused the defect. It is also not applicable if you haven’t complied with the instructions provided in the “How to Use and Care” manual. Also the warranty is not valid in the following cases:

1) purchase invoice has been forged or made unreadable; 

2) the machine has been repaired, tampered with and/or modified by unauthorized personnel; 

3) the machine has been employed for professional use (which is not foreseen in the manual) and therefore you’ve overloaded the machine; 

4) installation and/or maintenance has been performed incorrectly 

5) the machine has been damaged during transport (see instead “Returns” under the “Conditions of Sale”);

6) non-original spare parts have been used; 

7) the cause of the defect is not related to manufacturing or manufacturing error. 

In addition to this, the warranty doesn’t cover the following: 

1) wear & tear of machine components due to normal operation (grills, water tank, gaskets, perforators, knobs, removable parts, enameled parts and other expendable materials supplied with the machine); 

2) normal maintenance operations as indicated in the instruction manual “How to Use and Care” (you need to perform these operations yourself);

3) any damages due to external factors (such as lightning, floods, fires and other events which the Manufacturer cannot control). 

If the warranty cannot be applied for one of the above-mentioned reasons, the customer shall bear the costs for the inspection, repair and transport of the machine.