Conditions of Sale

When you are ordering our products and services on line from Cuppaz Limited, Hong Kong, at you need to agree to these Conditions of Sale before your order can be confirmed.

Applicable Version: 

The latest version of the Conditions of Sale will always be posted and dated on our website here.  These will supersede any other versions that you might have downloaded or seen earlier.  All orders placed after an update will be governed by the updated version.

Personal Data & Passwords:

Placing an order requires you to create an account and login.  You’ll be asked for personal data like your name, password, invoice address, delivery address, payment details like credit card number, and email address for confirmations. When you create an account you are warranting that the personal data you are providing is accurate, valid, and complete and that you are at least 18 years of age.  You also warrant that you are legally capable of entering into binding agreements. 

When you create an account you are also warranting that it is your data and that you are not violating the privacy rights of others by using their data. You also promise to keep your personal data updated so that orders, delivery, invoicing and confirmations occur without problems.  We’ll save & protect your personal data because this will make it easier for you to re-order not having to re-enter your personal data with every order. 

You’ll also be asked to create a password for your account.  It is your responsibility to ensure that this password remains confidential and is not shared with anyone.  You are fully responsible for all orders placed under the use of your password, even if these orders have been placed without your knowledge.  You promise to change your password immediately if you suspect that someone else knows or has used your password.


The price used in your order will be the price that is shown on our website on the day that you place your order.  If you start to fill out an order on one day but do not complete and place the order until another day, please be aware that the prices in effect on the day that you complete and place your order is the effective price of the product you ordered. The product price on the website will be excluding delivery charges.  Please be aware that you will pay delivery charges in addition to the product prices posted on our website.

From time to time we will offer promotional discounts.  All reduced prices will be shown on our website.

Gift coupons can be input during the order process resulting in discounts on the final price.

Delivery Policy & Charges:

Delivery costs will be added to your order based on a calculation that depends on the quantity & weight of your order.  In some cases we may not have the quantity you ordered in stock.  If this is the case, then we will contact you and agree with you on how to proceed.  If we can partially deliver the quantity you ordered and you agree to this then we will do this.  In this case, delivery costs of the second shipment will then be paid by us! In general we try to deliver within 2 working days. It is your responsibility to be available to take delivery.

Order Confirmation:

Your order will only be processed, fulfilled, and delivered when it has been confirmed by us.  We will confirm your order under the following conditions: 

When you have read and agreed to the Conditions of Sale, Terms of Use, Warranty Policy, and Privacy Policy. These documents are posted on our website and by clicking on the appropriate box which we will indicate to you, you warrant that you’ve read these documents and agree to them. 

When you have completed all the necessary personal data we need to confirm your order during the setup of your account.

When we’ve validated and processed your payment for the order using a valid credit card.

When the above 3 conditions have been met, we will verify that the quantities you’ve order are in stock and can be dispatched by us.  If this is true, then we will send you an order confirmation email. The order from you is only binding on us when we confirm your order with this email. If the quantities are not in stock, then we will contact you to inform you when we can deliver your order.  If we can make partial deliveries we will do so.  The second delivery to complete your order will then be paid by us.  If this is our agreement, we will also confirm this to you by email.

Please note that title to the products transfers from us to you upon successful delivery.


Cuppaz accepts your payment via a third party payment processor.  Your credit card details will be securely protected.  You can use one or more credit cards when purchasing with us. We’ll secure your credit card details, which are protected by our Privacy Policy. 

Processing and validating your payment is one of the requirements we do before confirming your order.  We will also send an invoice to the email address you have provided confirming the amount we charged to your credit card. This invoice will be attached to your order confirmation email. If we cannot process your payment we will inform you by email.

Missing or Damaged Product:

It is your responsibility to check the quantity and the condition of the delivered product.  If your product has been damaged or is missing items you must notify and put a claim in with the carrier immediately and notify Cuppaz at or call our hotline at: +852 2812 0428 within 7 days. In the case of missing or damaged product we will send a replacement of the product.  Damaged product needs to be returned to us in the original packaging together with the original invoice.


Cuppaz will only accept returns or exchange of product in the following cases:

Product was delivered damaged but must be in its original packaging accompanied by original invoice and was ordered in Hong Kong or Macau (see above “Missing or Damaged Product”)

There was a discrepancy between ordering and delivery

Product was ordered on and delivery address was Hong Kong.

All products returned must be in original packaging and accompanied by original invoice.  You must return your product within 7 days of receiving it. If you are returning product please contact us first at or call our hotline at: +852 2812 0428 so that we are aware of the problem and are expecting your returned product.  We do not give refunds.


We offer a manufacturer’s warranty on Cuppaz machines purchased in Hong Kong or Macau only.  You can read the warranty details here.  By ordering on our website you agree to our warranty policy. Please also read your product documentation and follow the guidelines in order for the warranty policy to be in effect.

After Sales Services:

Please contact us at or call our hotline at: +852 2812 0428.

Limitation of Liability:

Please note that the images shown on our website might not be an exact replica of the product you ordered and Cuppaz Limited will not be liable for any claims in this respect.  Cuppaz is not liable for claims in excess of the purchase price of the product.  Cuppaz is not liable for any indirect, incidental, or consequential damages of any nature arising in connection with its products, their use, sale or this website.

Force Majeure:

Cuppaz makes every reasonable effort to fulfill obligations but we cannot be held responsible for delays or failure to deliver caused by circumstances beyond our control such as strikes, wars, natural disasters, internet outages, or any other catastrophes that make it impractical for us to produce, transport or deliver the product.

Hong Kong Law:

These Conditions of Sale are governed by law of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.  Cuppaz Limited has been incorporated under Hong Kong law and is the invoicing entity for your product.  This means you agree that we can communicate to you by email or by posting notices on our website or by writing to you at your postal address and that such communications comply with legal requirements for any communications to be in writing.