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A majestic and stylish coffee machine for single serve capsules. The size and features allow intensive daily use of 80-100 capsules per day, satisfying the needs of horeca segments and large offices. Important characteristics are the 2 independently operated dispensers, and 2 nozzles for steaming milk or producing hot water. A large water tank and a high capacity capsule drawer accommodates high volume production of drinks. Thanks to the automatic portioning of the drinks it can make perfect coffees, teas, hot chocolates, cappuccinos and lattes using one simple touch. The unique patented system uses optimal pressures of up to 15 bars and precise temperatures to puncture and push water through a smart patented capsule.  This is a machine that is your partner in business attracting your clients and guests to come back every time for your quality beverages.  Also a trained barista is not required to operate this machine.

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We use a patented aroma enhancement technology. Caffitaly, our technology partner, has created a smart capsule with two innovative filters, designed specially to enhance the coffee aroma.

Just insert a capsule and press a button…it’s that simple! No need for beans. No more messy coffee grinds to empty. No more waste because the filter coffee grew cold and strong. You make your cup as you need it. No need for a kettle or separate milk frother. Steam your fresh milk with this machine or use Cuppaz milk capsules whatever you prefer.  Better quality because every cup is produced from a freshly punctured capsule of coffee, tea, milk, and hot chocolate and applying the optimal pressure and temperature for the desired beverage. 

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3 brewing modes for espresso, filter coffee, tea, hot chocolate and milk

•  Two independent height adjustable dispensing spouts, each with two     
•  Steam and hot water nozzles for preparing hot beverages and 
•  4.3" color TFT display with automatic alert messages 
•  Possibility for simultaneous operation of the dispensing units and hot
    water or steam 
•  Empty water tank detection
•  Full capsule container detection
•  Dimensions in mm: 395h x 545w x 435d 
•  Pressure up to 15 bar  
•  Removable water tank 4 lt 
•  Possibility for water mains connection 
•  Container for 60 used capsules 
•  Weight approx. 26kg  
•  Energy saving 
•  Available color:  aluminium/black