The Curve - Metallic Red / Silver

A contemporary, young, and compact coffee machine for single serve capsules.  It fits into any décor of kitchen or pantry becoming an accessory to your home or personal office. Meant for serving 15-20 cups of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or cappuccino per day, the automatic portioning of the drinks makes it possible to obtain perfect warm beverages for your family with a simple touch. The unique patented system uses optimal pressures of up to 15 bars and precise temperatures to puncture and push water through a smart patented capsule. Enjoy the beverage you want at a time of your choosing catering to your mood at that moment.  Connect with a family member over a Cuppaz beverage and inspire each other.

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We use a patented aroma enhancement technology. Caffitaly, our technology partner, has created a smart capsule with two innovative filters, designed specially to enhance the coffee aroma.

Just insert a capsule and press a button…it’s that simple!  No more messy coffee grounds to empty.  No more waste because the coffee grew cold and strong.  No need for a kettle. Better quality because every cup is produced from a freshly punctured capsule of coffee and applying the optimal pressure and temperature for the desired beverage.

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Power supply and output: 220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz, 950 W.
Temperature monitoring: Variable resistor sensor (NTC).
Safety system: Nr. 2 thermal fuses 192°C.
Heating power: 900 W.
Pump: Ulka electrovibrating pump with thermal protector 85°C, 48 W, 230 V, 50 Hz, Type EX5 Max. 15 bar.
Overpressure valve: Opens at 18-20 bar.
Power absorption: During the heating phase approx. 4,1 A.
Power consumption: In ready for use without brewing approx 13 W/h.
Dimensions h x w x d in mm: 260x170x320.
Weight: Approx 4 kg.
Water tank capacity: Approx. 1,2 liters
Water circuit filling time: Approx. 5 sec.
Heating time: Approx. 70 sec. with water at 10°C.