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The Animo OptiVend is synonym for “Instant Satisfaction”. A quick cup or a whole thermos jug for the meeting room? It is always ready and quick (a fresh cup of coffee in 7 seconds) to produce large quantities – right at taste and temperature. The Animo OptiVend can be fitted with 1 to 4 instant ingredient canisters. Every cup the same amount of coffee with a perfect foam layer. Reliable technology and durable construction mean the Animo OptiVend will run smoothly for years to come. Ideal for offices, hospitals, theatres, cafeterias, event venues, schools etc.

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The Animo OptiVend has a high power output, a short waiting time and can pour your favourite hot drink in 7 seconds, cup after cup

It comes in different models and versions: for cups only, for cups and jugs, and with two outlets for two drinks at once

Separate taps for coffee and hot water

Mixer system with adjustable mixer speed (RPM) for excellent milk foam

Strength control (also for milk and sugar)

Easy-to-swipe touch screen with intuitive user interface

24 easily programmable beverages; drink options are easily set and changed through the user-friendly on-screen support

Up to 4 canisters for instant ingredients, which are easy to refill

Easy and hygienic cleaning at minimum downtime, without the need to open the machine

Energy Saving Mode minimises power consumption when on standby and the boiler is well insulated for energy efficiency. Energy label A+

It can be easily expanded with a water reservoir (8.2 l) including Brita water filter, a cup dispenser (3x 50 cups) and is compatible with many payment systems (coin mechanism with or without exchanger or contactless payment systems)

In case no main water connection is available you can easily setup a Flojet water pump with a water bottle

More Information

Where more than one value is stated, the values depend on the machine model chosen:

Hourly capacity: 360 - 1050 cups (120 ml)

Brewing time per cup (120 ml): 5 - 11 seconds

Brewing time thermos jug (1.5 l): 60 seconds

Separate hot water tap, e.g., for the preparation of tea

Insulated stainless steel boiler (2.7 - 5.5 l)

Water connection ¾”

Adjustable cup tray: 100 - 155 mm

Maximum tap height: 118 - 355 mm

Up to four canisters for instant ingredients such as coffee, milk powder, chocolate powder and sugar

Easy to swipe 7” high-resolution touch screen with intuitive user interface

Extensive advertising options on screen

Energy efficient A+

Intelligent Energy Save Mode (in standby modus)

Power supply: 230 V / 50 – 60 Hz / 3275 W (higher power executions up to 9660 W / 40A are available)

Weight: 18 - 26 kg

W x H x D: 24.8 - 40.9 x 56.9 - 80.6 x 50 - 52 cm