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Distinctive design, reliable technology. The Animo OptiBean's Swiss-made grinder and Italian brewing system combine their strengths to provide the perfect espresso, cappuccino or simply a delicious brew and many other varieties of coffee in no time. With a hourly output of 120 cups (120ml), The Animo OptiBean fits in any environment such as an office, restaurant, hotel, school, hospital, theatre (and many more) and is compatible with many payment systems.

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With the OptiBean you can choose from many varieties of espresso-based drinks and you can program up to 24 of your favourite coffee recipes

Personal strength preferences are easily adjustable

The Italian brewing system makes your espresso the old-fashioned way under just the right pressure. Pure taste topped with a delicious cream layer, whenever you want

Separate tap for hot water for your perfect cup of tea

Instant (powdered) drinks, including (chocolate) milk

The mixer system has an adjustable mixer speed for an excellent topping

It is maintenance friendly with quick and easy cleaning: the user interface perfectly guides you through the cleaning processes

You can choose the front of the machine in any RAL colour (standard model comes in black, white or stainless steel)

It can be easily expanded with a base cabinet including a cooling unit for dispensing cooled water from the machine, a wall mounted stainless steel cup dispenser (100 cups), a coffee cup heater and is compatible with many payment systems (coin mechanism with or without exchanger or contactless payment systems)

It uses OptiLight LED lighting (any colour) around the display

In case no main water connection is available you can easily setup a Flojet water pump with a water bottle

More Information

Hourly capacity: 120 cups (120 ml)

Brewing time per cup (120ml): 25-30 seconds

Ceramic grinding mechanism (Ditting®) for ultra long life (± 300,000 cups)

Noise level grinder < 70 dB(A)

Separate hot water tap, e.g. for the preparation of tea

Insulated stainless steel boiler (1.1 l) with 1800 W element

Water connection ¾”

Adjustable cup tray: 60 – 115 mm

Maximum tap height: 167 mm

One bean canister of 1500 g. Can easily be extended with more bean canisters of 700 g each.

One, two or three instant canisters for milk powder and/or chocolate powder and/or sugar

Waste canister volume: 7 l (130 cups)

Easy to swipe 7” high-resolution touch screen with intuitive user interface

Extensive advertising options on screen
Energy efficient A+

Intelligent Energy Save Mode (in standby modus)

Power supply: 220 – 240 V / 50 – 60 Hz / 2275 W

Weight: 36 kg

W x H x D: 40.9-45.5 x 79.2 x 56.5 cm