The delicious

100% Arabica blend with a sweet and delicate aroma, full body, light and balanced taste and hints of cocoa, fruit and almonds. 



is a connoisseur of food and beverage.  This is a person who works hard to enjoy the beautiful foods and beverages of the world. No eating place is left undiscovered, no café or bar is left behind.  The connoisseur will find the best burger in a city or the best foie gras in the world. He does not discriminate. The connoisseur’s mission in life is to find the best prepared food or drink and the most beautiful presentation of it.  This foodie sees the world through food binoculars and shares all great finds with a loyal following.




Favorite Sport: Pounding the pavement to make the next food discovery.

Favorite Food: All foods tasty but the food must also “feed” the eyes.

Favorite Hobby: Food photography.

Favorite Social Occasion: Serious food discussions with friends while trying out a a new restaurant.

Favorite Warm Beverage:  A coffee macchiato prepared with a small amount of fluffy foamy milk that pleases the eye.


Interest in Coffee

My favorite coffee macchiato contains a good portion of coffee with a perfect foamy milk.  Ideally, it is 100% Arabica with a hint of cocoa and nuts. The milk is full and creamy and the foam is fluffy but stiff and stands on its own.  When I drink my coffee, I also drink with my “eyes” and so this beverage should be a beautiful creation.



Most Inspiring Moment

My first time at a 3 Michelin star restaurant.  There was no menu.  The chef asked me what I didn’t like to eat (which was nothing) and then prepared dish after dish of exotic tastes presented in a manner which took my breath away. One dish appeared to be sprinkled with edible gold. The meal was an experience lasting more than 4 hours but which will be remembered in detail for 40 years.


Motto in Life