The supreme

Born in Central South America is an Arabica bean that is sweet with fruity notes. The Supreme Espresso is for espresso lovers who like a fragrant and balanced coffee taste.


The Supreme

is a sophisticated, knowledgeable and experienced individual who knows what he/she wants out of life.  This individual has embraced living in more than one country and as a result of this experience understands different cultures, respects  all religions and   has been exposed to the good and bad of different peoples.  This person’s experience has shaped him/her into the person he/she is today.  Confident , accepting of others, multi-lingual this individual is a good mentor and support for others.  This person likes to give back to society but also has the insight and energy to go after what he/she wants to achieve.



Favorite Sport: Gym: treadmill and weight training.

Favorite Food: Wagyu beef and foie gras.

Favorite Hobby: Cruises.

Favorite Social Occasion: Dining Excursions with partner and friends.

Favorite Warm Beverage:  Italian style extra short espresso with fresh foamy milk - cappuccino.


Interest in Coffee

Coffee has always been a part of my life.  In fact I cannot remember a day when I didn’t wake up to coffee.  I drink my coffee as a double espresso with foamy fresh milk (as a cappuccino) and despite the extra calories I will always treasure my espresso this way.  When the espresso is fragrant and has body, the added foamy milk makes for a decadent morning drink. Given that I’ve studied and worked hard all my entire life, this decadent start to my day is what I deserve. The good thing is that wherever I travel I can usually find my espresso like this.


Most Inspiring Moment

Moving to Belém, Brazil.  In the beginning, I suffered not being able to speak Portuguese because I wasn’t able to connect with very many people - most locals didn’t speak English. Portuguese lessons progressed very slow and so I finally decided to just meet up with people and communicate in whichever imperfect way possible, making a lot of mistakes…but this led to a fast track progress to speaking Portuguese.  Which in turn led to making wonderful friendships with people that I am still in contact with today.


Motto in Life

Experience is making lots of mistakes and learning from them.