The Bold

is an espresso made from a medium roast of Arabica coffees from the region Mogiana Paulista in the north of the state of São Paulo with low citric acidity and notes from walnuts, almonds, chocolate and cocoa.


The Bold

is a daring, pro-active, adventure seeker. The Bold strives to make the most out of every moment of the day, always looking for the challenge in every situation. The Bold speaks his/her own mind, is confident and a brave risk-taker. The Bold looks for the pleasure in life and lives life to its fullest. The Bold is the first to try out new brands, restaurants, or new technology.

The Bold Video

Favorite Sport:
Kite-surfing, Rock Climbing

Favorite Food:
Favorite Food: Asian (noodle soup) and Italian (Spaghetti Bolognese)

Favorite Hobby:
Collecting the latest high-tech gadget.

Favorite Social Occasion:
Going to clubs with friends and dating.

Favorite Warm Beverage: 
A double strong espresso


Interest in Coffee

The Bold likes a strong double shot of espresso in the morning that wakes you up and makes you feel alive. After lunch or after a nice dinner it is also appreciated. Besides that The Bold likes to invite dates for a cup of coffee. This way you can always talk about something even if it its just the coffee itself. The Bold discovered that asking a date out for coffee is easier and more innocent than going for dinner. You can spend as much time on a coffee as you want. If the date is nice it will take a while but if not you can get a coffee to go!

Most Inspiring Moment

I was in Indonesia and there was a good forceful but constant wind. It was my second day kite surfing and I really wanted to jump for the first time. I was ready. The conditions were right. Guiding my kite into the right position, I was finally able to “grab” that wind and was lifted forcefully several feet out of the water. Wow! It felt like I was flying! I felt freedom. It was so exhilarating. I always remember that feeling when I’m about to do something daring.”


Motto in Life

“ The sky is the limit. Bring it on! ”