You lead a hectic lifestyle and enjoy a quality moment with a delicious warm beverage – but without the fuss, the mess, and the waste.  You simply don’t have time to be dealing with filters or coffee grind, and sometimes you don’t even have the time to get dressed and go out to your favorite café.  You do however deserve a moment of reflection with a delicious cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate because you work hard and have earned it.  In addition to this you love your coffee with fresh milk. Sometimes you want a moment of connection with a family member. Also everyone in your household likes their coffee differently.  You like cappuccino but the other likes the taste of filter coffee.  

The kids like hot chocolate.  Why not have it all from one machine?

Contemporary, trim, and compact, The Sleek is the accessory for your home, personal office, or personal hotel room.  The Sleek allows you to enjoy a high quality warm beverage at home at a moment of your choosing using fresh milk.  Whether its waking up with an espresso or cappuccino, or taking an afternoon break for a cup of tea, or drinking a comforting cup of hot chocolate in the evening to relax, The Sleek is ready to serve.



We use a patented aroma enhancement technology. Caffitaly, our technology partner, has created a smart capsule with two innovative filters, designed specially to enhance the coffee aroma. There are 8 grams of ground coffee in each espresso capsule. 

Just insert a capsule and press a button…it’s that simple! No more messy coffee grounds to empty. No more waste because the coffee grew cold and strong. No need for a kettle. Better quality because every cup is produced from a freshly punctured capsule of coffee and applying the optimal pressure and temperature for the desired beverage.




Technology is important, but what really counts in the end is taste. The research and all our efforts lead to the best body, aroma and intensity. Do you have a small kitchen, desk, or pantry? 

The Sleek is small and only takes up 270x210x340 mm (height, width, depth) of space, weighing only 6 kilos.  Since The Sleek is quite stylish, it easily can fit into your personal space and blend in with your décor. 


Motto in Life

“The simplest things in life inspire the greatest pleasure.”