We use a patented aroma enhancement technology. Caffitaly, our technology partner, has created a smart capsule with two innovative filters, designed specially to enhance the coffee aroma. Innovative also in terms of quantity: 8 grams of ground coffee in each espresso capsule. 

Just insert a capsule and press a button…it’s that simple!  No more messy coffee grinds to empty.  No more waste because the filter coffee grew cold and strong.  No need for a kettle.  Better quality because every cup is produced from a freshly punctured capsule of coffee, tea, milk or chocolate and applying the optimal pressure and temperature for the desired beverage. 




Contemporary and modern, The Urban is the solution for your hotel, restaurant, café, bar, resort or large office. The Urban is your dependable partner to help you serve a high volume of quality warm drinks during busy peak hours. Designed to combine functionality, ergonomics and a modern look, the Urban machine is available with milk foamer module for the preparation of high-quality espresso-based beverages with fresh milk.  The Urban is the latest brainchild resulting from a research and design process with the objective of identifying and offering innovative solutions using our exclusive capsule technology.

The Urban is strictly designed and made in Italy, built entirely in stainless steel, and will meet the demands of a continuously evolving market.  The Urban saves space on your work counter.  It is easy-to-use and cost saving due to reduced energy consumption (less than 80% compared to a standard professional two group coffee powder machine). 

Used with Caffitaly’s patented capsules your business is assured of a perfect product.  The Urban’s internal structure is made of stainless steel.  The milk foamer module can be used for hot milk based beverages and the Urban can also be paired with the external milk cooler making it even easier to use fresh milk.

The Urban is capable of 100 to 125 cups a day. And that’s not just coffee.  Whether your clients, guests, or employees prefer tea, hot chocolate, cappuccino or latte, The Urban, being a capsule machine, produces it for you in an easy, versatile and simple way.  Each capsule provides a perfect quality drink and there is no need for you to hire a barista.  Your successful hospitality business begins with this superb machine that caters to a high volume of clients, guests, or employees and their varying tastes and preferences, without hiring and extensively training your staff.  Your clients will want to come back repeatedly to enjoy your warm drinks.




Technology is important, but what really counts in the end is taste. The research and all our efforts lead to the best body, aroma and intensity. 

Are you a hospitality business or large office?  The Urban’s dimensions are: 400h x 300w x 480d (height, width, depth in mm) weighing 18 kilos.  

Since The Urban has a clean and contemporary look, it easily fits into your public surroundings as well and blends in with your décor.  Don’t take our word for it.  Just give us a call, and we can place a machine for you on loan with no obligation to buy.  Find out for yourself.


Motto in Life

“Creativity is thinking up new things.  Innovation is DOING new things.”