is a creamy hot chocolate made of the finest cocoa beans with a delicate touch of milk to create a moment of pure indulgence.


“The Chocolate”

is a warm and comforting individual and easy to like. The Chocolate is open and accessible, someone who isn’t quick to judge a book by its cover. A natural listener, The Chocolate is always a sure bet if you’re looking for a good conversation or if you need to get something off your chest.      The Chocolate is wise and shares his/her advice in a soothing encouraging way. When there’s stress The Chocolate is a reassuring presence.  When there’s conflict The Chocolate is the one that can empathize with both sides and mediate to resolve. 

The Chocolate Video

Favorite Sport:
Swimming, hiking

Favorite Food:
Dessert (especially macaroons).

Favorite Hobby:
Mah jong and reading.

Favorite Social Occasion:
Karaoke with friends

Favorite Warm Beverage: 
A double hot cocoa.


Interest in Chocolate

A hot cocoa is more than just a drink.  The sweet and bitter taste of cocoa helps you to wake up in the morning or keeps you company in the evening when you want to stay up.  It’s also the perfect drink after dinner and doubles as a dessert.  It is the best drink when you want quality time with someone to discuss important topics of the heart.

Most Inspiring Moment

“When my partner proposed. We were in the garden of the Mandarin Hotel in Paris. The garden is a perfect hideaway in the fashion district of Paris.  Tropical plants and bamboo had been planted to create small secluded areas. It was the perfect refuge in a hectic place just like our relationship is the perfect refuge in a hectic life.”


Motto in Life