The Lemon Tea

The flavour of black tea meets aromatic lemon, for a delicate and refreshing beverage. The combination of sweet and tangy flavour makes you feel refreshed. 


“The lemon Tea”

is a fun, outgoing, exploring person. This is an individual who wants to find out about new things and you can include him or her in activities, parties and events especially if they involve exciting new products, music, or foods. He or she is also a bit of a dreamer and sometimes gets bored easily and is therefore always in search of the greater purpose in life.  This individual likes to feel free and not tied down and lives life with zest and energy. Friends count on this person to spice up a party or simply to brainstorm with and offer new ideas.  This is a creative out-of-the box thinker who also is able to think very fast on their feet and new ideas stream endlessly from this person.



Favorite Sport: Hiking and sometimes paragliding back down the hill!

Favorite Food: Popcorn ice cream, bubble teas, and all matcha desserts.

Favorite Hobby: Korean pop music and TV series.

Favorite Social Occasion: Going out with friends to events especially those including new music, foods, or products.

Favorite Warm Beverage: Lemon Tea and all kinds of bubble teas.


Interest in Tea

You can drink lemon tea almost the whole day.  In the summer a cold ice lemon tea quenches the thirst after a hike but in the winter a warm lemon tea works away the chill after a cold and vigorous walk.  Lemon tea isn’t boring.  It’s sweet and the lemony taste adds a zest to your taste buds.   Lemon tea gives energy and satisfies the need for something sweet.


Most Inspiring Moment

The first time paragliding alone without instructor.  After running and jumping there was only an intense feeling of awe.  I was floating over Shek-O and was amazed at the sensation of flying and the silence.  This must be what it is like to a bird, I thought.


Motto in Life

Stay Amazed!