The Mild

is a medium dark roast of Arabica coffees from Cerrado Mineiro in the state of Minas Gerais and Mogiana Paulista located in the state of São Paulo with low average acidity and notes of chocolate, caramel, and fruit.


“The Mild Americano”

represents a patient thinker. An individual who contemplates the different choices life offers and carefully evaluates each option. The Mild Americano is a steady person who reflects before reacting. He or she is a modest personality but when The Mild Americano gives you an answer you’re confident that it's a good one. The Mild Americano enjoys the finer things in life, but is also very comfortable in nature or a relaxed atmosphere in which he/she can read, write, philosophize, or debate the current issues of the day. 

The Mild Americano Video

Favorite Sport:
Walking the dog on Discovery Island.

Favorite Food:
Japanese (especially sushi).

Favorite Hobby:
Analyzing horses and jockeys and then betting at the horse races.

Favorite Social Occasion:
Going to the Dragon Boat Races with friends.

Favorite Warm Beverage: 
A large mild filter coffee.


Interest in Coffee

The Mild Americano loves a large freshly brewed mild coffee while analyzing or reading.  The coffee is not strong so you can drink more of it.  You can also add some hot milk to make it creamy and lighter tasting. The coffee inspires you to think critically and reflect and yet the warmth comforts you at the same time.  It’s the perfect accompaniment on a relaxing Sunday morning.

Most Inspiring Moment

“First time winning big at the horse races.  I’d been doing my homework for weeks reviewing the jockey’s performances and the history of the horses. It paid off! Those who do their preparation and hard work are rewarded. I felt truly in control of my life. ”


Motto in Life

“ Life is what you make of it. ”