The delicate

Careful selection of the best Arabica and Robusta gives this blend a harmonious and round taste. 



is a successful fashion and make-up trend setter and influencer.  She studies and follows Asian fashion trends but she also has many followers who rely on her advice and opinions.  She runs a blog and when she has identified a trend and approves of it, she has tremendous influence over her followers.    In this way she also sets trends because she can identify the work of obscure artists and launch  their work into a success story.  She’s a thorough and analytical person.   She will never recommend something to her followers without investigating the brand completely.  This is why she has a loyal and dedicated following.





Favorite Sport: Searching for new fashion and make-up brands and artists which means attending many events, fairs, markets, and pop-ups.

Favorite Food: Patbingsu (Korean shaved ice dessert)

Favorite Hobby: Trying on new clothing items. Experimenting with new make-up trends. Meeting new artists.  Continually learning about fashion and make-up. 

Favorite Social Occasion: Attending fashion catwalks with a girlfriend and looking for creativity.

Favorite Warm Beverage:  Matcha-espresso latte.  This is a drink that brings east and west together in a creative way.  Japanese matcha meets Italian espresso and the combination is delectable.  The espresso must be delicate and not overwhelm the matcha.


Interest in Coffee

Every morning I drink my matcha-espresso latte which gives me energy but also reminds me that I must constantly be looking for new combinations of ingredients that can lead to beautiful creations.  Creativity is not just thinking up new styles.  It is also thinking up new combinations.




Most Inspiring Moment

I was inspired when I woke up one day and my blog reached 100,000 followers.  That was the moment that I truly realized that people appreciated my work and what I had to say.  I was gratified and pledged to myself that I would always remain loyal to my followers by giving them objective, well-researched and credible advice. That was the moment that my destiny became clear.


Motto in Life

”Creativity never goes out of style.”