Yuri Honing

Yuri Honing is one of The Netherland’s most important saxophonists.  He is winner of the Edison Jazz Award and in 2012 he was awarded the Boy Edgar Prize, the most prestigious jazz award in the Netherlands. 







Q. What are the most inspiring moments in your life?

Yuri: The recording process of a new CD is always the most inspiring moment for me.  To be able record music at the world level, the brain and the heart have to be in perfect balance.

I always record in my favorite studio with the only engineer I really believe in. Usually the recording takes two long days, the mixing also two days, and the mastering one day. I take a lot of breaks and record as slow as possible, but at the same time it goes really fast because take 1 is in most cases ‘the one’. So I walk around, drink espresso, talk to the guys, test little parts before the engineer hits the record button.

Q. You are renowned for mixing styles.  For example, in your latest album “Desire” you explore your musical boundaries by mixing pop with classical styles.  What inspires you to push these boundaries?

Yuri: Inspiration is everywhere but in my case its in music and art.  All good music and art, mainly paintings from the sixteenth century up until today inspire me. But also good talks with smart people inspire me too.

I compose all of my music. In the case of “Desire” I found out that the old baroque music is a big part of me. Also the longing for all kinds of things made me aware that life is about desire. And music is the best carrier!  I am working on a new album, but I think finally, I have found my niche.

Q. How do you define success in life?

Yuri: Success is how close you get to what you desire.




Role Model: 

Maria Joao Perez. She plays incredibly. Once she prepared the wrong piece and found that out during the concert! The conductor didn’t stop and after a brief moment she searched her brain for this concerto and then played it, unprepared, and by heart and flawless. I was just in love with her for a week after seeing this. What a superwoman!

Favorite Country to Visit:

I just came back from Tokyo and it always knocks me out. The size of the country, the organization, the loyalty, the attention for detail in everything impresses me.

Favorite Food:


Favorite Hobby:

Hobbies are for people who don’t like their work :)

Favorite Moment: 

Every moment.

Favorite Quote:

“Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” ---By Dylan Thomas

What’s your Cuppaz? 

The Smooth Espresso. I love espresso. I don’t like to sit, because it feels unnatural to me, so I prefer to drink it standing on my feet.  It also accompanies me as I walk around talking to my band during a recording session.


Motto in life


Success is how close you get to what you desire.

---By Yuri Honing