Kitty Yuen

Kitty Yuen is a famous DJ and TV host.






Everyone has a story and one of Kitty’s most inspiring moments was during an interaction with one of her fans, who told Kitty that she was in a very depressed state unable to attend school sometimes.  Viewing Kitty however, and her positive energy, inspired this fan to recover. This fan is back to school and becoming a new person according to the parents who were very appreciative.

Some people define success as wealth.  Different people define success differently.  Kitty defines success as being able to inspire others.  At this moment in life she is content with who she is.  She likes to be the one who can inspire others.

Running her own business means that Kitty has to take on different roles like being an emcee, doing advertisements, engaging with different clients, 

etc.  Kitty finds that meeting people over a warm drink usually makes it easier to connect and exchange ideas.

Kitty’s motto in life is very simple: “Never underestimate others, but more importantly, never underestimate yourself.” It’s easy to not underestimate others. Simply be appreciative of what they do.  The challenge is not to underestimate yourself.  People have the tendency to think they cannot do something or to take the easy way-out.  But everyone has a potential which they can realize.  We should try our best to unleash our hidden potential.

When relationships end, one way to soothe the stress is to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate with a friend.  It helps you to relieve yourself of your emotions and boost up your energy. 




Favorite Sport: 

Favorite Food:
Chinese cuisine

Favorite Hobby:
Playing with her puppies.

Favorite Social Occasion:
Hanging out with friends for dinner or a drink


What’s your Cuppaz? 
Kitty likes The Chocolate. Hot chocolate was believed in the olden days to heal and relieve pain. Kitty has this in common with the beverage. She feels that when she connects with people and listens to their stories she helps to relieve them of their pain and inspire them to be positive. Hot chocolate is like Kitty’s energy bar!


Motto in life


“Never underestimate others, but more importantly, never underestimate yourself.”