James Hong

James is CEO of an online game company and well-known travel writer and columnist.






James was a senior executive in a large company for many years when, on one special occasion while drinking coffee with a friend and talking about the future, this friend told him that life is like a football game: it would be boring if in the second half you adopted the same strategy as the first half.

This was the trigger for James to leave his position and to follow his dreams.  Given that he loves to write and travel the most, he began travelling to exotic countries like Brazil, Latin American, North Korea, North & South Pole, Easter Island, etc. and became a travel writer.

In order to understand the local culture James likes to meet people locally over a cup of coffee.  Coffee is the best way to break the ice with people.  People feel relaxed while having a cup of coffee and the conversation flows.  During James’ travels to Europe he started to enjoy the taste of espresso.  The bittersweet taste of it is perfect with a croissant in France, for example.

James feels like a student with a great curiosity.  However James does not define himself to be successful.  He feels that his life is a continual journey of learning.




Role Model: 
Sanmao the writer whose book “The Stories of the Sahara” inspired James to travel around the world. 

Favorite Sport:
Hiking, jogging.

Favorite Food:
Organic food and natural ingredients.

Favorite Hobby:
Photography and collecting the latest high-tech gadget.

Favorite Social Occasion:
Going for drinks with friends.

What’s your Cuppaz? 
James prefers The Bold Espresso with its rich taste, representing courage, especially suited for an adventure seeker.  James feels that we have to be bold and have the courage to leave our comfort zone and to not be afraid of travelling.


Motto in life


"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page."

---By Saint Augustine