Chef Koo

Chef Koo is Founder, Executive Pastry Chef at Patisserie Jeffery Koo and Director/ Executive Pastry Chef/ Pastry Consultant at ChocoKoo Cooking Studio 






I usually have to create ideas about desserts, chocolate and pastries for my chocolate cake shop and chocolate school.

Making delicate chocolates and pastries for people is easy, creating new ideas, however, requires much more effort and time. Coffee is an essential part of my daily life and it gives me a break when I need inspiration.During my break, I think about people and how they enjoy my desserts and how they learn skills and techniques from my lessons, and I think about how they are able to complete their own pastries or chocolates themselves successfully.

These moments give me great satisfaction and the motivation that drives me to continue my career. The happiness of my students and their learning inspires me a lot.

Even though you may receive lots of great awards or accomplishments, there is always still much more for you to learn.  You cannot become egotistic because learning is the only way to move forward and to make progress. Learning is always the final goal in my life.




Role Model: 

Patrick Roger – Chocolate artist, a chocolatier who has unique talents which are both creative and analytical; he is always looking for the most amazing and newest ideas.  

Favorite Sport: Basketball

Favorite Food: Chinese food

Favorite Hobby: Dessert making

Favorite Social Occasion: A dinner gathering

What’s your Cuppaz? When I want a moment to myself to think I like the Mild Americano (long coffee).  Besides having a nice coffee taste, it also has a rich fruity taste.  It can be paired nicely with desserts like chocolate mousse with mango on the side.  The bitter taste of coffee combines nicely with the sweetness of fruits.  When I’m feeling active I go to the gym and run.  During this time I also do a lot of thinking about what desserts to create.  After my work-out I like to drink the Earl Grey tea.  The nice thing about the Cuppaz system is that it makes tea as well as coffee.


Motto in life


 “Never forget that learning is in itself a goal.”

--Chef Koo