The Prezioso - Roasted Coffee Beans

The Prezioso - Roasted Coffee Beans

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100% Arabica espresso with the full-bodied flavor of Central and South American coffee, and a pleasant and well-balanced aroma.  It'll energise you in the morning and make you feel alive.  After lunch or after dinner you can drink this espresso as well to feel a little rejuvenated. The seal of the Rainforest Alliance means that you are buying product that supports a healthier planet and an improved quality of life for farming communities.  Being certified under this seal means that the farmers manage their land sustainably/responsibly.  It also means that we help protect the environment and ensure sustainable livelihoods. Each packet contains 0.5 kilo of roasted coffee beans.

Intensity of Flavour

Suggested Serving Size for Best Taste : 50ml is the size of a typical espresso



100% Arabica Beans:

• Account for two thirds of the world’s coffee production.

• Have an elongated oval shape, green-blue in color.

• Grow at an altitude between 600 – 2000 metres (the higher, the better the aroma and flavour).

• Are mainly produced in South and Central America.

• Are richly aromatic.

• Have a sweet flavour.

• Have a slightly acidic taste.

• Have a lower level of caffeine compared to the Robusta bean.

Additional Information

Additional Information

List of ingredients:

Roasted Coffee Beans

Nutritional Information:

Per serving of 50 ml extracted product



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Total fat

0 g

Saturated fat   

0 g 

Trans fat   

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