The Corposo - Roasted Coffee Beans

The Corposo - Roasted Coffee Beans

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Asian Robusta with a strong temperament, softened by Arabica that enhances the aroma. Perfect for the right energy boost. It'll energise you in the morning and make you feel alive.  After lunch or after dinner you can drink this espresso as well to feel a little rejuvenated. The seal of the Rainforest Alliance means that you are buying product that supports a healthier planet and an improved quality of life for farming communities.  Being certified under this seal means that the farmers manage their land sustainably/responsibly.  It also means that we help protect the environment and ensure sustainable livelihoods. Each packet contains 0.5 kilo of roasted coffee beans.

Intensity of Flavour

Suggested Serving Size for Best Taste : 50ml is the size of a typical espresso



Robusta beans: 

• Account for one third of the world’s coffee production.

• Have more rounded shape, green-blue in color.

• Grow at an altitude between sea level – 600 metres.

• Are mainly produced in Vietnam, Indonesia and Africa.

• Are richly aromatic.

• Make a full-bodied coffee.

• Have a chocolatey flavour.

• Have a strong and persistent aftertaste.

Additional Information

Additional Information

List of ingredients:

Roasted Coffee Beans

Nutritional Information:

Per serving of 50 ml extracted product



0 kcal


0 g

Total fat

0 g

Saturated fat   

0 g 

Trans fat   

0 g


0 g


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