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Thinking About Buying a Capsule Machine?

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6 Things You Need to Know

The demand in Hong Kong is growing for quality, gourmet, and specialty coffees.  Any coffee solution for home, office, or restaurant should keep this in mind. Fortunately, you don’t need an expensive machine and a barista to make a quality coffee. The technology of capsule machines has moved to the next generation. Here are 6 things you should know when considering a capsule coffee solution.

1. Consistent high quality

One of the biggest advantages of choosing a capsule machine over a bean machine is that each capsule has been hermetically sealed without oxygen guaranteeing a consistent quality in every cup. Once a package of beans is opened and exposed to oxygen, the beans will start to deteriorate fast (even in a freezer). Raymond Tong, barista judge/trainer, says “Barista students are unexpectedly surprised at the high quality of capsuled coffees.”

2. Variety

Capsule machines offer the consumer more access to specialty coffees, a chance to discover new coffees and an opportunity to enhance their taste buds. With bean machines, once you open a pack of beans, you’re drinking that same coffee for a while. Camila Arcanjo, professional taster of Sindicafé-SP (Union of the Coffee Industry of the State of São Paulo) said,”Coffee in a capsule is a great opportunity for the consumer to discover other types of coffee and to enhance their taste… this technology has come to stay.” 1  With single serve capsules you can even do your own coffee tasting sessions.


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Due to more brands entering the capsule market, the price of the machines and capsules are becoming more affordable which is in favour of the consumer.





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4. Quantity in Capsule

The quantity of the coffee does count. Raymond Tong, who owns Coffee Pro, the only organization in Hong Kong that is qualified as SCAA laboratory (Specialty Coffee Association of America) said, “One of the biggest advantages of the Caffitaly System technology from Cuppaz is the size of the capsule which allows for 8 grams of coffee. This advantage over the 5.5 grams of the Nespresso capsule contributes to a better tasting coffee.”


5. Best Taste

The blend of the coffee has a very important impact on taste. A few weeks ago in Brazil a blind tasting contest was conducted with a panel of 4 expert coffee judges and these 5 major capsule brands:

•Três Corações (Caffitaly technology)

•Dolce Gusto


•Delta Q


The judges blindly tasted the coffees with no prior knowledge of the producer, brand, technology, design of the machine, etc. and had to score each capsule purely based on the taste alone. The champion was Três Corações using Caffitaly technology. According to the judges, the quality and quantity of the coffee blend in their capsule, the balance, the body, the aroma, and acidity all contributed to the best tasting coffee. One of the judges, Gelma Franco, consultant and expert of the specialty coffee sector and owner of Il Barista Café, said “The machines technically produce coffees in a similar way, but there are coffees that stand out because they were careful to select the blend and the quantity in the capsule for a better final result.” 1  In Hong Kong, consumers can access the Caffitaly technologies and the Três Corações coffee blends at Cuppaz.

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161226_368_TRES_anuncio_premio_gowhere_27,5x31cm+5mm_BXTrês Corações using Caffitaly technology awarded Best Taste in Brazil







6. Multi-beverage

Why limit your home or business to only espressos when the newest generation of capsule machines can prepare other warm beverages such as filter coffees, teas, and hot chocolate from a capsule? New technologies allow for high and low pressure brewing. With low pressure brewing you can produce filter coffees and teas while high pressure is required for espressos and foamy drinks such as cappuccinos and lattes.

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1  Leonardo Milen, O Melhor Café em Cápsula, Go Where Gastronomia

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