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Your Customer’s Smile is Just a Cup of Coffee or Tea Away…

Are you a retail shop, salon, or other service provider looking for a way to make your customers feel more welcomed in your store? Would you like your clients to spend more time in your shop?

With tough competition in the retail sector, many shops are looking for ways to differentiate themselves in the eyes of the consumer without having to invest money. Consumers in Hong Kong are enjoying premium/gourmet coffees. The trend is also to drink more coffee and go to more cafés. So why not treat your customers to something special in the store?

Capsule machines offer some real advantages in retail shops:

  • Single serve capsules ensure every cup is fresh and “just brewed” (no cold and old coffee and tea)
  • A variety of capsules can be stored catering to your customers’ specific taste for coffee, tea, or hot chocolate
  • Machine is stylish and compact requiring very little space and fitting into your store’s decor
  • No need for a sink nor a water connection; all you have to do is store some bottles of distilled water
  • All you need is an electrical outlet
  • The quality of coffees and teas are equivalent to cafés
  • Milk capsules allow you to serve coffee and tea with milk or cappuccino without needing refrigeration for milk
  • Depending on the quantity of capsules you buy, machines can be placed “on loan” in your store with no investment required

The best advantage of all is that you can treat all your customers like VIPs and have them spend more time looking at your products which will lead to more purchases. What are you waiting for? Cuppaz can loan you a machine for 30 days without obligation(+852 2812 0428).

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