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Employee Satisfaction Lies at the Bottom of a Hot Cup of Coffee or Tea…

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Very Little Space is Required to Bring the Café to Your Employees

Are looking for a way to show your employees that you value them? Do you want happier employees? Your answer could be as simple as changing your coffee machine. Switch to a capsule machine serving a variety of high quality premium coffees, teas, and hot chocolate. Take advantage of the trend towards premium coffees and bring the café trend to your office in an affordable way.

Ada, who manages the serviced offices of the A Plus business centre found out that not all coffee capsules are the same quality.

When Ada set up her new offices, she had already decided on a capsule solution. Compared to bean machines, capsule machines don’t take up a lot of space. Ada’s kitchen counter space was very limited and she already wanted to place a water dispenser.

Capsule solutions also offer a variety of coffees and teas giving employees more choice. Since Ada rented her office space to different clients she need to be sure she could offer some variety of beverages to please different palettes. With filter coffee machines, for example, everyone has to drink the same coffee therefore those employees who like their coffee strong – like espresso – don’t get to choose.

Also there are messy coffee grinds to clean up with filter machines. With capsule solutions Ada has no messiness and she keeps the pantry area spotless. Every capsule is sealed going into the machine providing a very fresh cup, and besides that, there’s no waste. Employees simply make their own cup whenever they want it!

However the first capsule solution that Ada chose didn’t please the employees in her office. No one was drinking the coffee! There were complaints that the coffee didn’t taste good. Coffee tastes in Hong Kong are evolving and people want a gourmet taste. Cuppaz approached Ada and offered to put the machine in the office for a 30 day trial with no obligation.

During this period Ada noticed that employees started to drink the coffee and liked it. A variety of beverages were being enjoyed: espressos, Americano, and even the Earl Grey tea became popular.

With this feedback, Ada decided to switch to the Cuppaz capsule system (+852 2812 0428) thereby boosting employee satisfaction. Bringing in one machine was like bringing the coffee café to the office!A Plus logo

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