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Create New Revenues (Without Investment) Just by Adding Premium Coffee or Tea to your Menu…

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Do you manage a restaurant, bar, bakery, or other food & beverage operation? If yes, then you might have already noticed the growing interest in coffee and not just any kind of coffee but the trend to high quality premium coffee. Don’t ignore this trend, because adding high quality coffee and specialty teas to your menu could create a nice new revenue stream for your business!

Mankit found a simple way to do this. He is running a successful lunchtime eatery catering to the office employees in the surrounding area. Being located in Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Freshbox has a growing clientele due to the growth in affordable office space in this area.

Mankit’s old coffee bean machine needed replacement and was considering a newer, more professional bean machine offering higher quality coffees. Mankit sold most of his coffees and teas as part of a “combination lunch”: sandwich or salad together with a soup and a coffee or tea. However Mankit felt that office employees would also enjoy grabbing a good cup of coffee in the morning on their way to work if he served a high quality coffee.

Cuppaz approached Mankit and asked him to give consideration to a capsule solution as an alternative to professional bean machines. Capsule solutions are still relatively new in Hong Kong, but offer at least 3 clear advantages over professional bean machines:

  1. Variety: bean machines are limited to coffee and so the establishment has to install another solution for teas and hot chocolates.
  2. Compactness: capsule machines take up very little space which is often an issue in Hong Kong where space is very expensive.
  3. Low initial investment: capsule machines are inexpensive and sometimes can be provided “on loan” when the volume of capsules is significant. Also no investment in a “barista” and no training is required.

Being open-minded, Mankit agreed to a demonstration and tasting. He found that the quality of the coffees was high. This was an important part of the decision for Mankit because he wanted to start selling more coffee outside of his combination menu items.

After installing the Cuppaz machine, this is in fact what happened: Mankit’s coffee sales increased and he began selling more coffees on a stand-alone basis.

Today Mankit is thinking of the other beverages in the Cuppaz line of products and how he might introduce new beverages on his menu to further increase sales.

Ride the coffee culture trend with an easy and affordable capsule solution like Cuppaz(+852 2812 0428).

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